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My Sweet New Table

9 Sep

So, in honor of my NO SPEND SEPTEMBER that I have currently Challenged myself on I am working on projects that I have already started or have all of the supplies I need to use up before the end of the month. A few months back I made new curtains for our Kitchen. They are a bit funky and fun! But we did not have a table for our Breakfast Nook area. So I went searching for furniture at my favorite place (beside Ikea) Estate Sales. I Found a nice table with 4 chairs that was a bit scratched and dirty for $30 dollars. Awesome!

I have always Loved simple white table with colored chairs, especially on Pinterest similar to:

Photo Credit Pinterest Via Red Hen Home

Photo Credit Pinterest Via Two Girls Being Crafty

I forgot to take pictures Before of the actual table.But it is just a basic Pine and white table.

Here is a picture of the Chairs Before:

Chair Before-Edits

The chair was really scratched on the Back and on the legs. The legs were all falling out and needed to be Gorilla Glued (love that stuff)  I went to Lowe’s and had them color match the the colors from our curtains to the chairs a while back and had everything all set to go for the transformation!

Here are the chairs After a few coats of paint and Polyurethane!

Painted ChairsAnd the Chairs with the table:

Refinished Table/Chairs

I love how the table/chairs turned out! It is so much more fun and really brightens up our Kitchen!

Note! When you are painting furniture white and want to polyurethane it use WATER BASED polyurethane. If you use Oil based your white will turn Yellowed and it stinks to have to sand that all back down and repaint and polyurethane!



All About Tif

31 Aug

Hello All!

My name is Tiffanie, and I thought i should introduce myself to you.

The Basics:

  • I am 24 (almost 25 YIKES!) years old
  • I am married to my best friend and the most amazing husband ever, Jake!
  • I am an animal Lover, if I could I would probably have dozens of adorable puppies and kitties along with other random adorable animals.
  • Along the same lines as above, I have 3 fur babies: Landon – our regal tom cat, Kira – Our Prissy little kitty, and Winnie – our rambunctious Basset Hound (seriously? Seriously!)
  • I am ADDICTED to Pinterest, It is really bad. Nothing gets accomplished I just dream of being half as creative as everyone who posts their stuff on there!
  • I live in the Saint Paul, The better half of the Twin Cities if i may say so myself. But am originally from the heart of the Plains: South Dakota!
  • I currently work in the media industry. Love us or hate us we are here to stay, sorry.
  • I believe sometimes music is the only way to express how you feel is through music
  • I LOVE British TV, Especially Doctor Who & Torchwood
  • I am addicted to all things Harry Potter
  • I am a huge Nerd! ( if you couldn’t tell already)

My Husband and I just purchased a 1900’s Farm House in Saint Paul and are working to turn it from old Granny to Modern and Simple. Our house was originally owned by a 96 year old women and her sister. Every room was ONE Color,  No joke. Both bedrooms were Pink pink, the same shade of pink walls, drapes, and carpet.  Ugly!!

So enjoy watching us fix up our house, see all our different projects, and us just being huge nerds!