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My Sweet New Table

9 Sep

So, in honor of my NO SPEND SEPTEMBER that I have currently Challenged myself on I am working on projects that I have already started or have all of the supplies I need to use up before the end of the month. A few months back I made new curtains for our Kitchen. They are a bit funky and fun! But we did not have a table for our Breakfast Nook area. So I went searching for furniture at my favorite place (beside Ikea) Estate Sales. I Found a nice table with 4 chairs that was a bit scratched and dirty for $30 dollars. Awesome!

I have always Loved simple white table with colored chairs, especially on Pinterest similar to:

Photo Credit Pinterest Via Red Hen Home

Photo Credit Pinterest Via Two Girls Being Crafty

I forgot to take pictures Before of the actual table.But it is just a basic Pine and white table.

Here is a picture of the Chairs Before:

Chair Before-Edits

The chair was really scratched on the Back and on the legs. The legs were all falling out and needed to be Gorilla Glued (love that stuff)  I went to Lowe’s and had them color match the the colors from our curtains to the chairs a while back and had everything all set to go for the transformation!

Here are the chairs After a few coats of paint and Polyurethane!

Painted ChairsAnd the Chairs with the table:

Refinished Table/Chairs

I love how the table/chairs turned out! It is so much more fun and really brightens up our Kitchen!

Note! When you are painting furniture white and want to polyurethane it use WATER BASED polyurethane. If you use Oil based your white will turn Yellowed and it stinks to have to sand that all back down and repaint and polyurethane!



The Stair Rejuvenation Project

8 Sep

So in the mist of trying to fix up our house we found a pleasant surprise, We had hardwood (in good condition) Under our ugly green carpet. So Excited!

Here are the before & Afters:


Stairs Before

Do you SEE those carpets. Yuk!

Stairs Before

And those become:


Stairs After

Stairs After

They Look SOO Much better!! Oh and i can’t forget to have a picture of me and my Best Helper EVER!
Me and my Helper

Me and My Pup Winnie – Always there to “help”



I am so happy we got this done, Now coming up: Pull up Backroom Nasty red carpet and the Green Carpet in the Dining Room/Living Room/Hallway  and lay down hardwood floors!



No Spend September

1 Sep

Today starts a  Challenge!

I have enlisted a challenge for myself this month. This is NOT SPENDING ANY MONEY on Crafts for an entire month. Crazy. Once I walk in JoAnn’s, Crafty Planet, or Sewapolis I am a goner. I always try to figure out what kind of project i can make, find a few fat quarters that i NEED, or a few of yards of fabric to add to the stash.  But i NEED to complete some projects that i already have started and have the materials for.

The only reason that i can spend money on those projects is if i need to have the stuff to finish projects.

Just a few of the projects i currently have started are:

  • Queen Size Quilt (for Jake & I)
  • Queen Size Quilt (for Mom X-mas)
  • Pineapple Shawl
  • Kindle Coers
  • Afgan for Adriyanna
  • Dining Room Chairs Repaint
  • Kitchen Table/Chairs Repaint
  • Rip up carpet/ Lay down Hardwood Floors
  • Organize/Repaint Pantry

Wish Me Luck! I think i may need it